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Pool Cleaning Services   

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Guardian Pool Chemical in Dallas, TX offers a wide array of service plans with varying degrees of pool care. Browse through our list of options and see which one fits your needs.  

Chemical Service (49 Weeks per Year):  

  • $60.00 per Month plus Tax
  • Date and Time Will Be Logged On Timecard (Yearly Timecard Left in Time Box)
  • Door Hanger Will Be Left On Back Door with Any Specific Instructions
    If Needed
  • Service Technician Will Test Water (Chlorine, PH, Alkalinity)
  • Stabilizer and TDS Levels Will Be Periodically Tested Throughout the Year
  • Stabilizer Will Be Added As Needed Throughout the Year ($30 conditioner fee is assessed every September)
  • Technicians Will Add Necessary Chemicals to Properly Balance Water

Chemical Service Plus #1:  

  • $75.50 per Month plus Tax
  • Chemical Service
  • Complete Filter Cleaning and Inspection Will Be Done In Spring and Fall Each Year (DE and Cartridge Filters)
  • Two Filter Cleanings per Year

Chemical Service Plus #2:  

  • $99.00 per Month plus Tax
  • Backwash Filter
  • Chemical Service
  • Empty All Baskets and Pool Sweep Bag
  • Filter Will Be Backwashed As Needed
  • Pool Pump Basket Will Be Emptied
  • Pool Sweep Bag Will Be Emptied
  • Skimmer Basket Will Be Emptied

Full Service Pool Maintenance:

  • Starting At $169 per Month
  • Backwash Filter
  • Brush Pool
  • Chemical Service
  • Empty All Baskets and Pool Sweep Bag
  • Skim Leaves
  • Vacuum Pool As Needed

One Time Cleanings
Starting at $129

Complete Filter Clean and Inspection (DE and Cartridge Filters)
$110.00 plus tax