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Guardian Pool Chemical in Dallas, TX wants you to know that filtration of your pool is extremely important. To be assured that all of your pool water has been filtered, the total body of water must be pumped through the filter three times. One long continuous run of your filtration system of 24 hours or more is far more effective than short filtration cycles. Your filter should be cleaned when the pressure indicated by the pressure gauge on top of the filter indicates seven to ten pounds increase in pressure above the clean pressure.  

If You Have a DE filter:

  • Filtration Time Required Is 12 Hours Daily (All at One Time).
  • Filter Should Be Backwashed Once A Month or if Pressure Increases 7 To 10 PSI Over Clean Reading.
  • Filter Should Be Cleaned 2 to 3 times  a Year as Preventive Maintenance

If You Have a Cartridge Filter:

  • Filtration Time Required Is 12 Hours Daily (Again, All at One Time).
  • The Cartridges Should Be Replaced or Acid Washed Annually.
  • The Addition (Through The Skimmer) of Up to One 2lb Coffee Can of Diatomaceous Earth Will Greatly Improve The Efficiency of the Filter. (NOTE: Diatomaceous Earth Passing Through the Filter and Going into the Pool Indicates the Need for a New Filter Cartridge).

If You Have a Sand Filter:

  • Run Filter a Minimum of 12 Hours Daily (All at One Time).
  • Adding Several Ounces of a Flocculating Agent to the Skimmer Will Increase Its Efficiency (Ask for Sea Kleer—Our Service Personnel Will Add It at No Charge!)
  • Change Sand Every 4 To 5 Years. Tanning Oils and Lotions Quickly Contaminate Sand to the Point That NO Filtration Occurs. The Pump Continues to Circulate the Water, but Without Accomplishing Proper Filtration.

Filter Test   

If you are still experiencing cloudy water after following the above recommendations, run this simple filter test; turn your filter on and let it run for 24 to 48 continuous hours. If you do not see a marked improvement in the clarity of your water within 24 hours or the water is not completely clear in 48 hours, your filter is not holding back the material that is making the water cloudy. You must repair or replace the filtering element.