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Guardian Pool Chemical in Dallas, TX wants to help you with your pool even when we are not there. Take advantage of the following tips and hints from your swimming pool maintenance experts.  

Cloudy Water

This condition is a result of insufficient filtration or an indication of a problem with your filtration system. Cloudy water can also occur when pool covers are left on for extended periods of time.  


Because some strains of algae are more resistant than others, please allow us a reasonable period to completely eradicate it. The more resistant black algae will turn gray as it starts to die and will eventually disappear. Keeping the pool clean and brushing with your algae brush will aid in the treatment of the algae.  

Automatic Pool Sweeps  

Customers who have automatic pool sweeps combined with our service tell us nearly all that remains is filter maintenance. If your pool is not equipped with one, you must brush and vacuum your pool.

Spas and Hot Tubs  

Our service does not include treatment of spas or hot tubs. However, if the plumbing of your pool is connected to your spa, the chemicals should automatically circulate into the spa. IMPORTANT: Set your control valves so that spa water overflows the dam when spa is not in use.   

Sparkling Sanitary Swimming Pool Water  

Swimming pool water requires proper water chemistry and proper filtration. Our service provides the proper water chemistry. You must provide the proper filtration. It is in your best interest to follow our filtration recommendations. Organic matter, dirt, urine and perspiration in your pool water are the cause of eye irritation.   

Solution to Eye Irritation

1. Keep your pool clean.
2. Clean your filter as instructed under paragraph on filtration.
3. Take necessary steps to keep urine out of your pool (SIGNS HELP!)
4. Swimmers who have been perspiring should shower before swimming.
5. Follow our recommended hours of filtration.
6. Keep filter in good repair.
7. Follow our instructions for use of pool covers.
8. Water should be added AFTER you swim, NEVER BEFORE you swim!  

High chlorine levels in your pool are an ADVANTAGE to you and do not create eye irritation. Some people associate the smell of chlorine (which isn’t actually chlorine, but rather “chloramines” that give off the odor) and eye irritation with too much chlorine in the water. Generally the opposite is true and super chlorination
is a requirement.